20th Anniversary: Exhibition on the Life Story of Mr. Tan Kah Kee

7 - 14 Sep 2002
Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (2nd Floor Auditorium)

Materials of Exhibition

  • Tan Kah Kee statue (made of silicon rubber)
  • Cai Gongshi bronze statue
  • Model of Overseas Chinese Museum
  • Historical pictures (about 190)
  • Special sound effect: engine, song or music, precepts of interview (celebrity
  • quotes of Tan Kah Kee)
  • Books: posthumous work of Tan Kah Kee and all books related to him
  • Elegiac couplets presented by Chinese community of SEA

Contents of Exhibition

  • His Birth and Family
  • His Visit to Singapore
  • His Entrepreneurial Spirit and Achievements
  • Promotion of Education with Personal Fortunes
  • Contribution on the Development of Culture
  • His Contribution to Anti-Aggression
  • Reformation of Chinese Social Organizations
  • Devotion to the Peace and Democracy for China
  • Tour of China After World War
  • Settlement in China
  • His Funeral
  • Perpetuation of the Tan Kah Kee Spirit
  • Fond Memories of Tan Kah Kee Spirit
  • His Good Friends and Capable Assistants
  • The Posthumous Work of Tan Kah Kee
  • All Books Related to Tan Kah Kee
  • His Teachings
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